Maribbon was founded in 1986.

Its main activity is the curtain tapes produced in our own laboratory by highly experienced craftsmen and sold in stores all over Greece and abroad.

Our company’s goals are the reliability, quality and constant renewal of our product range as well as the right and fast service of our customers at the best prices on the market.

Maribbon has been a vertical production unit for many years and is well aware of market demands around the products it produces using as raw material the best in the European and World markets.

As an integrated unit maribbon takes part in exhibitions in Greece and Europe, where there is a complete presentation of all the production and marketing products of the company.

Our company offers a wide choice of curtain accessories and we hope you will find products that will appeal to you. We strive to keep each customer satisfied and our relationships with our customers and suppliers reflect this result and how we believe that by informing them we appreciate their dedication and we can all find mutual success.

We are a team of experienced professionals in this field who seek to distinguish themselves through the competition that exists. To be the best, we believe there is always some aspect of ourselves that can be improved and deliver better service to our customers.